Seasons of Truth

Seasons of Truth is a year-long journey into the depths of your being, awakening to a life in harmony with nature’s cycles and the elemental wisdom of the seasons.





Chaamse Bossen, Netherlands

De Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands

Chaamse Bossen, Netherlands

De Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands

16 – 20 October 2023

8 – 12 January 2024

8 – 12 April 2024

8 – 12 July 2024

What if you could combine the restorative power of falling into nature’s embrace with the ancient wisdom that helps you navigate your life?

This is a chance to reawaken your innate connection with nature and experience the profound balance she offers. Imagine:

Wake up to nature’s wisdom

On this journey, you step out of your routine to immerse yourself in the gentle silence of the forest. This is a sanctuary to unravel and recharge. You discover what it means to listen deeply, so the plants, trees, and animals can speak to you about flow, happiness, and truth. This greater awareness permeates every aspect of your life, empowering you to walk your path with ease and flow.

“The retreats give you that kind of paradigm shift your body and soul are longing for. The mind realizes it already had this wisdom in store, and now it is unlocked again.” —Esma

“Sacha is a wonderful guide to nature, spirituality, and life. The retreats embodied this and helped me connect to nature. All the parts and activities had their place. After four seasons, I have grown a lot. I feel at home here.” —Jorik

“I joined the journey to live more in line with nature throughout the year. It becomes part of you. You learn how to surrender to what is alive in nature. And you learn to make space and listen to what is alive inside yourself. A very valuable lesson I will always carry with me.” —Hester

Walk the ancestral path

In a world where the ancient knowledge of living in harmony with nature’s principles is fading, this journey draws upon the wisdom of indigenous cultures, spiritual traditions, and philosophies of life. Together, we discover what it means to live a meaningful life in alignment with our core values, reviving ancient traditions and interweaving them into the fabric of our days.

A life of balance, guided by the rhythm of the seasons to navigate each moment in the cycle. A life dedicated to your inner exploration and creative expression, where you know precisely when to act, when to reflect, and when to rest.

Four seasons, five journeys

Seasons of Truth is a year-long journey to wake up to the ancient wisdom of living with nature and her seasons. It consists of four seasonal nature retreats in the Netherlands and one optional rewilding journey in the Swedish or Norwegian wilderness.

In the retreats, you will discover how to embody nature’s rhythms, integrating transformative practices and rituals that bring the wisdom of each season into your daily life. They serve as a foundation, cultivating a strong connection between your mind and body and awakening a sense of wonder.

Come home to your wild soul

In the rewilding journeys through the Scandinavian mountains, we dive even deeper into our relationship with nature. Over ten days, we step away from the human world, disconnect from distractions, and fully embrace the wilderness. By learning how to survive and thrive in the wild, we deepen our understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. Learn more about the rewilding journeys here.

Together, the retreats and rewilding journeys connect mind and body in the heart and complement each other beautifully.

About your guide

This journey is led by Sacha Post and his team. Sacha is a wilderness guide, facilitator, and philosopher who facilitates wilderness journeys, retreats, and courses that enable an authentic and embodied connection with nature and the wilderness.

After obtaining a research master’s degree in cultural analysis, Sacha continued to study the ancient traditions and practices of people who lived in harmony with nature. He traveled for seven years, living in tribes and communities, to learn and further deepen his understanding of their ways. He also spent a great deal of time in remote wildernesses, learning first-hand how to integrate these practices into his life.

Nature of Wonder was born out of Sacha’s desire to inspire people to live a life of wonder aligned with the cyclical flow of nature. He has taken many people into the wilderness and back safely for over five years.

Forever remaining a student of nature, Sacha continues to learn about nature’s ways, helping people on their paths as he walks his own.

Those who have come before you

The experiences of our previous participants beautifully capture the essence of the journey, each a powerful reflection of what Seasons of Truth can bring you. Here is a selection:

“This a beautiful space to get back in touch with your true nature. A place to connect with your tribe, reconnect with nature and yourself, and integrate beautiful pieces of wisdom. Sacha’s teachings guide you into deeper layers of yourself and your experience of life. He is a wonderful guide and space holder. His peaceful calm is contagious, and his teachings deepen my experience of the changing seasons. The retreats have given me a clearer understanding of the seasons and how they are reflected in every aspect of life, making it easier to flow on the currents of life. To me, the journey feels like a solace to the soul.” —Charelle

“Being in nature is so, so important. I dived really deep within myself. I understood that I am a part of nature, flowing effortlessly through life.” —Bart

“I longed for silence and nature and connecting with like-minded people. The journey made my heart sing and dance. I was left with a deep inner silence. I learned that the natural flow of life is within me. I need to keep listening to my intuition and adapt my life accordingly. Sacha is a wise guide, and I’m grateful to be part of the Nature of Wonder tribe.” —Kelly

“The journey helped me to connect more deeply to my intuitive knowledge of the seasons and to make—sometimes really simple—changes in my life to apply this knowledge. The integration of mind and body during the retreats is very helpful and inspiring. And the setting in the forest makes the experience complete.” —Kawire

“Don’t underestimate the power of this journey, of nature, or of Sacha as your guide. You will reconnect and develop stillness. Learning from Sacha (or, better said, from nature through Sacha) is a pleasure and a gift. The core of this teaching and the treasure I take home is presence, a deep listening and awareness of both my inner and outer world. This is the invitation of nature.” —Maurits

“Through Sacha’s delicate space holding, nature turned into a sacred, safe temple where I could develop a nurturing relationship with the forest around me. Merging into nature is a new healthy habit I take with me into my life.” —Anna

“Tuning into nature with Sacha brings me so much closer to my own true nature. I feel, act, and know in ways I couldn’t even imagine were inside me. I treasure that knowing of myself.” —Hannah

What to expect

The retreats are gentle, with plenty of time to unwind, be in nature on your own, and reflect on the larger currents of your life. We come together around a fire in a private forest.

In Summer and Winter, we have a beautiful cabin in the Veluwe to retreat to. In Spring and Autumn, we gather in a traditional tipi in the Chaamse Bossen.

We wild camp in the forest, sleeping under the stars to experience nature’s beauty by night. You also have the option to sleep in the cabin or the tipi if that is too far out of your comfort zone.

The cabin has a communal space with a wood stove, toilet, hot shower, and a sleeping loft with a few bunk beds. The tipi has an open fireplace and a hot shower and toilet nearby.

The retreats offer a safe space to get acclimatized to living outdoors and sleeping in the forest, laying the groundwork for the more immersive rewilding journeys.

Step into your truth

When you join Seasons of Truth, this is what you sign up for:


The investment to participate in a single retreat is €595, the full program of four seasonal retreats is €1995 (€385 discount), and when you also join the 10-day rewilding journey, the total investment is €2995 (€880 discount).

All retreats include the program, your accommodation, and all meals. Payment in terms and spreading your journey over two years is possible.

If you are interested in the journey and want to speak to your guide first, please contact Sacha to schedule a call.





Chaamse Bossen, Netherlands

De Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands

Chaamse Bossen, Netherlands

De Hoge Veluwe, Netherlands

16 – 20 October 2023

8 – 12 January 2024

8 – 12 April 2024

8 – 12 July 2024

Frequently asked questions

I have never done something like this. Do I need to have experience?

No. You will be in a safe space, supported by an experienced team, so you can feel at ease and allow the ways of the forest to come to you naturally. Please reach out if you have any doubts.

What do I need to bring with me?

Most of us have never learned to be comfortable outside, especially in bad weather. Learning to dress for the outdoors is simply life-changing. When we know what to bring and wear, our bodies can relax and become intimate with nature in all its shapes and forms.

When you join, you receive a packing list explaining what you need. Expect a simple list to fulfill your basic needs, like a tarp or tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, headlamp, and clothing to keep you warm and dry, as well as something to sit on in the forest. We keep it simple.

What will I eat? And where will I wash myself and sleep?

All meals during the retreat are plant-based and seasonal. Fresh fruits and herbal teas will also be available throughout the day. We set up camp in the forest, sleeping under the stars or in a tent, if you prefer. The cabin has a hot shower and a sleeping loft, should you want to sleep indoors.

Where will we meet, and how will I get there?

We come together on private estates in forests near Epe and Chaam in The Netherlands. When you join, you receive a route description with the exact location and an invitation to connect with other participants to organize ride shares.

Will the program be held in English or Dutch?

Sessions will take place in English or Dutch, depending on what language all participants share. Of course, you can express yourself and share in the language you are most comfortable with.

How big is the group?

That varies, but we have space for up to 25 people, including the team. We focus on establishing a held space for everyone to feel comfortable and safe to express themselves openly and truthfully.

Join the tribe

Discover how to live a balanced life in harmony with nature’s rhythms.