Nature of Wonder

A year-long journey into the wild, awakening to the ancient wisdom of living with nature and her seasons.

Nature of Wonder offers a continuous program of rewilding journeys to embrace the ways of the wild and integrate nature’s ancient wisdom in our daily life.

Unleash your creativity in Spring, manifest your wildest dreams in Summer, let go of what you no longer need in Autumn, and discover your inner silence in Winter.

Spring Rewilding Journey

Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

4-14 May 2022

Autumn Rewilding Journey

Fulufjället National Park, Sweden

14-24 September 2022

Integrate the qualities of every season in your life.

Drawing on indigenous wisdom and spiritual teachings from all over the world, you will integrate powerful techniques, healthy habits and ancient rituals that will help you live in harmony with yourself and your environment.

Embrace nature as your teacher and move with grace.

Using meditation techniques, contemplative exercises and moments of storytelling, you will learn how to use all of your senses to receive nature’s guidance. You will discover how to allow the force of life to flow through you freely, opening up limitless possibilities.

Become self-reliant in the wild and live courageously.

Learning how to survive and thrive in the wilderness reconnects us to the root of our humanity. You will learn the wilderness skills you need to rewild your body, mind and spirit, deepening your connection to nature, and building resilience to face any challenge in life.

Join a tribe that supports you in every way.

In the wilderness, we need each other to thrive. By going on this journey together, you will join a new tribe of friends, celebrating life together and supporting each other through hardship, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

Integrate the seasonal flow of life and discover what it means to live in harmony with your inner nature.

About your guide

Hej, my name is Sacha Post. I am a wilderness guide and philosopher from the Netherlands.

I organize rewilding journeys, nature retreats, as well as courses and workshops to share nature’s ancient wisdom and help people reconnect to their wild self.

After obtaining a master’s degree in cultural analysis, I continued to study the ancient traditions and practices of people who lived in harmony with nature for over seven years. I lived in communities all over the world and spent a great deal of time in remote wildernesses, learning first-hand how to integrate these practices into my own life. 

Forever remaining a student of nature, I now share how to live a life full of awe and wonder, aligned to the cyclical flow of life.

If you are interested in the program but want to know me better first, send me a message at [email protected] to schedule a call or follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Those who came before

Many have completed the program in the last years. Read on to discover how they experienced their journeys.

“The journeys are great to take some time off to think about deeper processes, choices and undercurrent. I am in awe of the wisdom, effortlessness, balance, and pureness that Sacha just seems to ooze. He guided me back to nature. Not only with long walks and bushcrafting, but especially through the ancient philosophies of the world and the wisdom of our ancestors. The peace and clarity I found prove that Sacha is a wilderness guide in the most holistic sense of the word.” —Klazien

“Do not underestimate the power of these journeys, of nature, or of Sacha as your guide. You will sink deep, you will reconnect, and you will develop stillness. Learning from nature through Sacha is a pleasure and a gift. The core of this teaching and the treasure I take home is presence: the deep listening and awareness of my inner and outer world through inner stillness. This presence is the invitation of nature and the direct experience of Nature of Wonder.” —Maurits

“These journeys are a toolbox for life. By understanding the season’s essence, I feel more prepared for the months that come. Sacha is a wise, loving, calm facilitator with an insane amount of knowledge and wisdom. He uses many ways to let us experience the season’s essence, like meditations, visualizations, walks in nature, learning tools to understand nature, storytelling, and exercises. He takes you on an exciting, fresh, deep, real, necessary, fun, playful, and meaningful adventure.” —Maike

Do you want to learn more about how previous participants experienced the program? Continue reading about their journeys here.

Photos of retreats and journeys

We reconnect to a sense of awe and wonder for nature during the journeys. These photos give you an impression of our time spent in nature.

Frequently asked questions

What is the schedule like, and what will I learn?

The rewilding journeys focus on reawakening our wild spirit by returning to the root of our humanity. We learn what it takes to survive and thrive in the wilderness. We practice wilderness skills, strengthen and rewild our bodies, and reignite the awe and wonder for the mesmerizing beauty surrounding us everywhere. By becoming part of the wilderness, we realize happiness can be as simple as the pure enjoyment of our senses in the present moment.

We wake you gently in the morning to gather around the fire in the morning and start the day with natural movement and breathing exercises to rewild our bodies. We then meditate together and guide you into a deep state of surrender to listen to what nature has to tell us.

Each day, there are two to three two-hour sessions, with plenty of free time in between. We focus on embracing the ways of nature in the sessions, and you will immediately apply what you have learned. For example, you learn how to use your senses to become completely aware of your environment and discover what the plants, trees and animals can tell you about yourself. You acquire practical skills that you need to survive and thrive in the wild, such as how to make shelter, how to build a fire with primitive means, how to nourish and heal yourself with plants, how to navigate by natural means, and how to create essential tools from what nature provides. And you receive contemplative exercises based on seasonal wisdom, after which you are free to roam in nature on your own and reflect on the larger currents in your life.

We use ancient techniques to help you merge with nature and find inner peace, such as vision quests, in which you will be on your own in nature for an extended period within a safe container. We spend time in complete silence to become more attuned and sensitive to nature’s guidance and wisdom. And in the evenings, there are bonfires with music and storytelling under the stars.

I have never done something like this. Do I need to have experience?

No. We designed this program to be accessible for everyone who is reasonably fit and healthy. You will be in a safe space, supported by an experienced team, so you can feel at ease and allow nature’s wisdom to come to you naturally. If you doubt whether you can go on this journey, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Sacha at [email protected].

What do I need to bring with me?

Most of us have never learned how to be comfortable outside, especially in what we consider foul weather. Learning to dress for the outdoors is simply life-changing. When we know what to bring and wear, our bodies can relax and become intimate with nature in all of its shapes and forms.

When you join, you receive a packing list explaining what you need and why you need it, including recommendations for all budgets. We keep it simple, encouraging you to do more with less, relying on skills instead of bringing more things.

Expect a simple list to fulfil your basic needs in the wild, like a tarp, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, headlamp, and clothing to keep you warm and dry. As well as a backpack and tools like a knife, folding saw, firesteel, compass, water bottle, and cooking pot.

What will I eat? How will I wash? And where will I sleep?

The wilderness will be our accommodation. At a leisurely pace, we will explore the wilderness of Fulufjället National Park, setting up camp in the ancient forests at the foot of the mountain. We give ourselves more than enough time to reflect, practice the ways of the wild and live with each other as a tribe. There are plenty of pristine lakes, rivers, and streams where you can wash. You will prepare and carry your food and camping gear for this journey. Of course, you will receive all the guidance you need to prepare yourself well.

Where will we meet and how will I get there?

We will meet at a trailhead with parking at the edge of Fulufjället National Park and hike into the wilderness together. You can either drive, take a train or bus to Mora or fly into Stockholm or Göteborg. A small airport near Mora also offers domestic flights from and to Stockholm. From Mora, you can get to the nearby town Särna and then the park’s edge by bus. We connect you with other participants to make travel plans together when you join. When making your plans, take into account that we will hike into the wilderness in the morning on the first day of the journey. We recommend arriving in the area one or two days early, so you feel well-rested and ready. We return to the trailhead in the late morning of the last day of the journey so that you can continue travelling home.

Are you ready to embrace the ways of nature?