Nature of Wonder is a continuous year-long program of two seasonal nature retreats in the Dutch forests of the Veluwe and a ten-day rewilding journey in the Swedish wilderness.

Spring & Summer

26 March - 1 April 2022

Manifest your wildest dreams.


19-29 May 2022

Survive and thrive in the wild.

Autumn & Winter

17-23 September 2022

Discover your inner silence.

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Four seasons, three journeys

You are an integral part of nature. Nature moves through you. In this cyclical program of two nature retreats and a rewilding journey, you will discover that, much alike nature, you are always growing and never the same. By understanding how the seasonal changes influence you and everyone around you, you will learn how to live a balanced and peaceful life. Your state of being will not be so heavily influenced by your circumstances. Understanding how to move with the seasons in nature also allows you to share your unique gifts to the world most effectively. You will feel calm, productive and inspired, aligned with your purpose, trusting in the natural flow of things.

Integrate the unique qualities of each season in your life.

Drawing on indigenous wisdom and spiritual teachings from all over the world, you will integrate powerful techniques, healthy habits and beautiful rituals that will help you live in complete harmony with yourself and your environment.

Become self-reliant in the wild and live courageously without fear.

Being able to survive and thrive in the wilderness is a vital skill that everyone should have. The more you learn about nature and its ways, the less you fear life itself. You will build strength and find the courage to face any challenge in life.

Embrace nature as your teacher and flow through life with grace.

Using meditation techniques, contemplative exercises and moments of sharing, you will learn how to use all of your senses to receive nature's guidance. You will discover how to allow the force of life to flow through you freely, opening up limitless possibilities.

Live as a tribe that supports you in every possible way.

In the wilderness, we need each other to survive and thrive. You will gain a new community of friends, celebrating life together and supporting each other through hardship, be it physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

To discover how the seasons work through you and to get a feel for the program, listen to the monthly guided nature meditations. Want to know more? Have a look at the photos, find out who will guide you or read the testimonials.

Photos taken during the retreats

In the retreats we cultivate a sense of wonder for nature, integrating her wisdom into our being. These photos will help you get an impression of what the retreats are like.

Your guide

This year-long journey is guided by Sacha Post and his team. Sacha is a certified nature guide, life coach and philosopher from The Netherlands. He organizes nature retreats and workshops, helping people to wake up to nature’s ancient wisdom and discover their freedom.

After obtaining a master's degree in cultural analysis, Sacha continued to study the ancient traditions and practices of people who lived in harmony with nature for over seven years. In his own spiritual practice, he ultimately recognized the universal principles that govern our lives. Forever remaining a student of nature, he now shares how to live a life full of wonder, aligned to the universal flow of life.

To get to know Sacha, feel free to reach out for an introductory call.

What previous participants said

“The retreat was a truly magical combination of philosophical and cultural stories, practical exercises, meditation and being out in nature to learn bushcraft skills. As an experienced practicer of meditation and someone that feels at home in nature, there was still so much for me to learn. Sacha is a wise and patient teacher that made me feel understood in my needs and love nature even more. I have returned back to the reality of the urban jungle with a strong sense of what I need and want to do.” —Toos

“Wow, what an intense time with so much clarity coming from it! I loved being so close to nature and realizing the nature within. Sacha did a great job in holding the space for all of the participants so everyone could fully relax and dive deep within oneself. I feel so much more connected than before the retreat. I enjoyed Sacha's sharing of his knowledge and wisdom and I recommend Sacha's retreats to everyone who wants to connect deeply to nature.” —Karu⁣

“The more I travel the world of living men and study the meanings of dead ones, the more I am convinced that mystical powers, religions, devotion and intellectual capacity do not possess anything like the value of noble character. This character I am gaining through intimate relation with nature.⁣ Sacha is a humble, attentive, wise guide, who holds naturally open, sacred space. I no longer admire a man because he spent twenty years in practice of studying metaphysics, yoga or philosophy; I admire him because he has brought awareness, compassion, acceptance, rectitude, and humbleness in his conduct—and then shared with the world. Thank you Sacha, for being a guide and inspiration. The world needs more inner work like you teach.” —Marla⁣

“Besides an inspiring grasp of ancient wisdom from several spiritual traditions, Sacha carries a scala of interpersonal qualities that makes him an incredibly successful teacher: storytelling, explaining, shifting perspectives, listening, relating, humility, sincerity, vulnerability, creating a safe space, acceptance, and an impressive love for the world and all of its creatures. I feel a change in me, catalyzed in my process through the guidance of nature, the wisdom present and awoken in the group and Sacha's teachings. I feel like Sacha reached out a helping hand to hop onto an already moving train that I otherwise might have missed. I am truly grateful and moved.” —Ottilia

“These retreats are so good to take some time off to think about the deeper processes, choices and undercurrent. I am in awe of the wisdom, effortlessness, balance, and pureness that Sacha just seems to ooze. He guided me back into nature. Not only with long walks and bushcrafting, but especially with the ancient philosophies of the world and our ancestors. The peace and clarity I found proves that Sacha is a nature guide in the most holistic sense of the word.” —Klazien

“These weekends are like a toolbox for life. By understanding the essence of the season I feel more prepared for the months that come, not living like a machine but like a creature. The retreat gave me time to experience the season, calm down, and to contemplate important, but not easy questions.⁣ Sacha is a wise, loving, calm facilitator with an insane amount of knowledge and wisdom. He uses many ways to let us experience the essence of the season, like meditations, visualizations, walks in nature, learning tools to understand nature, storytelling, and exercises. He takes you on an adventure that is exciting, fresh, deep, real, necessary, fun, playful, and meaningful.” —Maike⁣


What is included in the full program?

When you sign up for the full program, you will receive over 300 hours of training, spending 24 full days in nature over the course of one year. All course materials are included, including a beautiful booklet, containing everything you need to integrate nature's wisdom in your daily life. In The Netherlands, all meals and accommodation for 14 nights are provided. In Sweden, we will camp in the wild for 10 days, where you will be guided by two well-trained and experienced wilderness leaders. You will also gain access to an online community, where you will be able to share your experiences, support each other and ask questions in between the retreats. And last but not least, upon completing the program, you will receive a certificate and a stylish badge that you can sew on your backpack!

I have never done something like this. Do I need to have experience living in nature?

No. This program is designed to be accessible for everyone who is reasonably fit and healthy. You do not need to have survival skills. You will be in a safe space, supported by an experienced team, so you can feel at ease and allow nature's wisdom to come to you naturally. If you doubt whether you are able to go on this journey, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

What will the retreat days be like?

In the mornings we will gather by the fire for a morning meditation and a round of sharing. Each day, there will be two to three two-hour sessions, with plenty of free time in between. Some sessions will be held inside, some outside in the forest. You will be taught ancient skills and techniques, applying what you have learned immediately. Among many other skills, you will learn how to use all of your senses to become aware of your environment and discover what the plants, trees and animals can tell you about yourself. You will also learn practical skills, such as how to make shelter, how to build a fire with primitive means, how to nourish and heal yourself with plants, how to navigate by natural means and how to create essential tools from what nature provides. You will often be given a contemplative exercises, after which you are free to roam in nature on your own. After the evening sessions, if the weather permits, there will be a bonfire under the stars. We will also spend a full day in complete silence, so we can become more attuned and sensitive to nature's guidance and wisdom.

What will I eat? How will I wash myself? And where will I sleep?

In The Netherlands, we will come together in a large hunter's lodge in the Dutch forests of the Veluwe. Nourishing plant-based meals, fruits and herbal tea will be provided during these retreats. The lodge is heated by a wood stove and has running water, a toilet and a hot shower. Inside the main living space, there is an large, open loft where you can roll out your sleeping mat and sleeping bag. If you want to have a more immediate experience of nature or like to have more privacy, you can also choose to sleep outside in the forest. You can pitch your own tent, tarp or hammock or even build your own natural shelter. If you want, we can show you how to build one of these yourself. Sleeping under the stars can be a magical experience, if only for a night!

In Sweden, the wilderness will be our accommodation. At a leisurely pace, we will explore the wild nature of Värmland, setting up camp in the wilderness, giving ourselves more than enough time to reflect, learn from nature and live with each other as a tribe. There will be plenty of pristine lakes, rivers and streams where you can wash yourself. For this journey, you will prepare and carry your own food and camping gear. Of course, you will receive detailed instructions in advance to prepare yourself well. You will also receive a detailed packing list when you sign up, so you have time to collect the things you need to survive in the wild.

Where will we meet and how will I get there?

The hunter's lodge in The Netherlands is located in the northern forests of the Veluwe, near Epe. When signing up, you will receive a detailed route description. The location is accessible by car, but is hard to get to using public transport. With your permission, we will connect you with other participants so you can offer or request rides in case you do not have a car.

In Sweden we will meet at the banks of the lake Knon and hike into the wilderness together. You can either choose to drive to Sweden or fly into Stockholm or Karlstad. From Karlstad, you can get to the nearby town Ekshärad using public transport, which is a two to three hour journey from the airport. With your permission, we will connect you with other participants so you can make travel plans together. When you make your travel plans, please take into account that we will hike into the wilderness early in the morning on the first day of the retreat. We recommend coming a day early so you feel well rested.

Can I sign up for a single retreat?

Yes, you can. Although it is beautiful to go through a full intentional cycle of the seasons in one year, if you feel resonant with a specific retreat, you can sign up for a single retreat. It is also possible to complete the full program over the course of multiple years, for example by participating in one retreat this year and one retreat next year. Finally, you can also choose to only join the ten-day rewilding journey in Sweden. Feel free to get in touch to explore the possibilities or if you have any other request.

Contribution, dates and registration

Each year, only 12 places are available for this life-changing journey. The contribution for a single 7-day retreat is €999, including all meals and accommodation. The contribution for the 10-day rewilding journey into the Swedish wilderness for €1499, excluding food and travel costs. If you apply for the full program of two 7-day retreats in The Netherlands and the 10-day rewilding journey in Sweden the contribution is €2999, saving you around €500.

Upcoming dates

The retreat dates will be published at least one year ahead. The upcoming dates are:

  • Rewilding: 19-29 May 2022
  • Spring & Summer: 26 March - 1 April 2022 (Dates will be confirmed in October 2021)
  • Autumn & Winter: 17 - 23 September 2022 (Dates will be confirmed in October 2021)

How to sign up?

Register by sending an email to Sacha at [email protected]. After your application, you will receive the payment information. Once your payment is processed, your place is reserved and you will receive a welcome email with all the practicalities.

Want to learn more?

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for a free introductory call by sending a message to Sacha at [email protected], on WhatsApp or Facebook.

How to stay in the loop?

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