Many have completed the year program in the last years. Read on to discover how they experienced their journeys.

“The retreats give you that kind of paradigm shift your body and soul are longing for. The mind realizes it already had this wisdom stored deep within, and now it is unlocked again.” —Esma

“I’ve been on many of Sacha’s retreats, and I keep coming back. Sacha strikes a wonderful balance of teaching you about nature and reminding you how much you already know. He gives you the tools to surrender to nature and let nature do what nature does best. I always felt free to be in a way that felt natural for me.” —Kagiso

“The retreats are a truly magical combination of philosophical and cultural stories, practical exercises, meditations, and being outdoors to learn wilderness skills. There was still so much for me to learn. Sacha is a wise and patient teacher who made me feel understood in my needs and love nature. I have returned to the reality of “the urban jungle” with a strong sense of what I need and want to do.” —Toos

“I find myself in nature, in the silence, the freedom, the peace. That is where I connect to my heart. I gave myself the beautiful gift to return to nature. Sacha is a source of vision, knowledge, and inspiration. I have learned a lot and taken it in completely.” —Jelmer

“I have found Sacha guiding us naturally through our processes within the larger process of nature. Ever since, I am more aware that nature is always thriving and present, holding us, nurturing us, and giving birth to us. When you want to live a life in line with the natural pace of life, go to these retreats. Here you have the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded beings and a strong, gentle, sincere guide.” —Anke

“I joined Sacha’s year program to live more in line with nature throughout the year. I have learned so much. It is hard to put it in words; it becomes part of you. You learn how to surrender and give in to what is alive outside, in nature. And you learn to make space and listen to what is alive inside yourself. A very valuable lesson I will always carry with me.” —Hester

“Tuning into nature with Sacha brings me so much closer to my true nature. I feel, act and know in ways I could not even imagine were inside me. I treasure that knowledge of myself.” —Hannah

“The retreats exceeded all my expectations, to be honest. Everything is very thought out, the exercises are very diverse, and there is lots of time for exploration. Nature of Wonder is a definite go-to if you want to explore your connection to nature. Sacha is very knowledgeable about many different religions, philosophies and traditions and their connection to nature. You will explore techniques that will help you regain or strengthen your connection with nature.” —Rens

“Besides an inspiring grasp of ancient wisdom from several spiritual traditions, Sacha has interpersonal qualities that makes him an incredibly successful teacher: storytelling, explaining, shifting perspectives, listening, relating, humility, sincerity, vulnerability, creating a safe space, acceptance, and an impressive love for the world and all of its beings. I feel a change in me, catalyzed in my process through the guidance of nature, the wisdom present and awoken in the tribe and Sacha’s teachings. I feel like Sacha reached out a helping hand to hop onto an already moving train that I otherwise might have missed. I am truly grateful and moved.” —Ottilia

“The first time I met Sacha and felt his calm energy, I knew I wanted to come. Sacha and his team are great spaceholders and share their wisdom full of love, passion and enthusiasm. It gave me such deep insights into how to live closer to nature, how we are part of nature, and how to use the seasons to live our lives to our full potential.” —Inez

The retreats offer a beautiful space to get back in touch with your true nature, a place to connect with your tribe, reconnect with nature and yourself, and integrate beautiful pieces of wisdom. Sacha’s teachings guide you into deeper layers of yourself and your experience of life. He is a wonderful guide and spaceholder, his peaceful calm is contagious, and his teachings deepen my experience of the changing seasons. The retreats have a cosy and calm vibe, which allows you just to be, listening to what serves you at any moment. The retreats have given me a clearer understanding of the seasons and how they are reflected in every aspect of life, making it easier to flow on the currents of life. I am feeling grateful and privileged to be on this journey.” —Charelle

Being in nature is so, so important. You connect with yourself when you attend one of Sacha’s retreats. You will understand that you are a part of nature and can flow more effortlessly through life. I had the space to dive deep within myself. The forest is amazing, and it was epic to learn to make fire from scratch!” —Bart

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