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Your journey starts here. Dive in deep by joining the year program or test the waters first by joining an individual retreat or rewilding journey.

When you join the complete program, you will receive over 100 hours of training, spending up to 24 full days in nature. You will also gain access to an online community, where you will be able to share your experiences, support each other and ask questions. Finally, when you complete the program, you will receive a beautiful booklet helping you to integrate everything you have learned into your life.

The year program includes all retreats and one of the rewilding journeys. The retreats include the retreat program in the Dutch forests of the Veluwe, all meals, and wild camping in a beautiful beech forest. The rewilding journeys include the rewilding program in the Swedish mountains and two online sessions in which you learn how to prepare yourself, your gear, and the food you need for your journey. Take into account you will arrange your own gear, food, and travel to Sweden.

Although we recommend fully immersing yourself in nature and complete the program in one year, it is possible to complete it in two years. For example, you can participate in the retreats this year and one of the rewilding journeys next year.

If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, please transfer the contribution to the account below and let us know you have paid.

IBAN: NL79 KNAB 0416 0334 23
Account: Nature of Wonder

When you are interested in participating in both rewildings, you will get a further discount. And if you cannot pay at once, paying in terms is possible. Connect with Sacha at [email protected] to learn more.

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